Wodaabe men

Where Men in Make-Up

We're obsessed with the Wodaabe of the south Sahara, Africa. In a courtship ritual each year, before the dry season and the beginning of their cattle migration, the young men paint their face and don their finest to woo the marriageable women of the tribe, who judge from afar.

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May 12, 2017 11:47:00
Lily of the Valley

What's Your Poison?

Not all fragrances have deadly origin stories, although not all fragrances are Les Potions Fatales. "I felt an accumulation of venom from all that Seven drama," said founder Joseph Quartana, referring to his Soho boutique so beset with building issues — persistent scaffolding, sidewalk closures, artist Donald Judd's will — that it was forced to close in 2012.

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Aug 16, 2016 19:14:00
Victorian hair

Victorian Women Never Cut Their Hair

In the Victorian era, the length of a woman's hair was a marker of her modesty, status, and affluence. Were it not for her wealth, maintaining long tresses would have been impractical, given the pestilence and poor sanitation of the time.

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May 26, 2016 14:09:00

The Amasunzu Is the Retro-Future of Hair

We're obsessed with the amasunzu, the traditional hair style of Rwandans, mostly men. In its heyday, the amasunzu was worn in more than 30 ways, created by cutting a chunk of hair on the side and working it into a wave pattern as it grows over time. Although it's fallen out of favor in the last half century, the amasunzu is currently experiencing a revival, a sign of newfound cultural pride...

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May 05, 2016 22:46:00

Grace Coddington's New Perfume with Comme des Gar?ons

Update 4/15/16:
 Grace Coddington will be signing bottles of her new perfume at Dover Street Market NY, April 20, 5-7 pm — her birthday.

Grace Coddington has unveiled her first creative endeavor since sending the fashion world into a tizzy when it was announced her title at Vogue, where she's worked for 28 years, was changing from creative director to creative editor-at-large — a fragrance collaboration with Comme des Gar?ons.

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Apr 07, 2016 20:52:00

Smells Like Putin Spirit

As if butt plugs, man buns, and fridge magnets weren't enough, Vladimir Putin has now inspired a limited-edition men's fragrance. And, despite that it's called Leaders and features a noble cameo of the ignoble Russian president with the words "Inspired by Vladimir Putin" in English, the scent is not intended as an ironic gesture, ironically. Rather, the medley of definitely-manly notes — e.g. bergamot, fir cones, mung beans — is a serious effort that'll set Russians back 6000 rubles ($83). In fact, perfumer Vladislav Rekunov wants to present a bottle to the despot himself. Of course he does.

Dec 29, 2015 13:34:00
Fresh by Moschino

Jeremy Scott Cleans House

For his second foray into fragrance — following his cuddly first scent in the shape of a teddy bear one year ago — Moschino’s irreverent, pop-loving creative director Jeremy Scott was feeling fresh. So much so that that's exactly what he named it, Fresh. Bottled in a clear flacon with a plastic spray cap, the aqua-blue juice is a tribute to ordinary glass cleaner, that most mundane of cleaning products.

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Nov 02, 2015 14:22:00

The Post-Trans Beauty of Hood By Air

Like the clothes on the runway, the beauty of Hood By Air's ss16 collection was an unsettling mix of horror show and baby doll. Snarling toothy mouthpieces, barrettes, and rhinestones spelling out gender-provocative words like "top" and "coy" combined to crypto-psycho effect.

"With HBA collections," make-up artist Inge Grognard told Hint, "there is always something about gender. They are not only related to men or women, but suit both. The same goes for the make-up. There are notions of drag, trans, and gender, but it's the mix of how we do it that makes it fresh and now. The words we used are suggestive, slang in a way. Knowing about the origin of HBA, this is a kind of logical, no?"

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Oct 15, 2015 17:44:00

Sponsored Video: New York Fashion Week Hairstyles by TRESemmé

New York Fashion Week may have ended, but it's only the beginning for the hair trends seen on (and off) the runway. Celebrating 15 seasons as the official hair care sponsor of NYFW, TRESemmé worked with top brands including Rachel Zoe, Banana Republic, Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, BCBG, and Hervé Leger to create some of the must-do styles for spring. One style that looked great on the catwalks: bangs!

TRESemmé went backstage and spoke with stylist Tyler Laswell to get an exclusive tutorial on how to achieve great bangs, which is not as easy as it may seem. They mustn't be too short or too stiff, like schoolgirl bangs; they should be looser and sexier, like 70s bangs. Basically, they need to be bangin' bangs. "You want your bangs to behave, but you don't want them to be stiff," Tyler says in the following clip. Using TRESemmé Perfectly Undone brushable hairspray, he recommends blow-drying your bangs out, from damp to dry, then finishing it off with a mist of the hairspray, as such...

View this and more behind-the-scenes tips by visiting TRESemmé on Youtube

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Sep 28, 2015 00:33:00

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